Saturday, January 30, 2016

Joy and Sadness

When Lee's g.g. niece, Charlotte, age 4, visited from New Hampshire last year she was enthralled with the water feature at the Charles Schultz Children's museum. The day was very sunny. I liked the joy and strong shadows reflected on her face. The photo did not show her muddy feet and skirt, which was the part she liked best. Anyway I chose to paint her for a class here this week in portrait painting. You can see I still have to shade in the cheek, chin, and mouth. Hope I don't mess up. I did this with just four transparent Daniel Smith colors amd my Godzilla #10 brush. Can you guess the colors?
This morning at 11 I'm going with friends to see The Danish Girl. A funny time to see a movie, but its the only time its playing.
I'm happy to report that my fractured rib pain which has kept me groaning (sometimes out loud) for four months now is just this week receding in intensity. Its been a long haul.

Postscript to last week's blog, the 85 year old woman who got hit on the sidewalk here last week by another resident who was arrested for being inebriated, died of her injuries. The driver is out on bail, but I judge that life is over for both of them. I have such gratitude for my thirty plus years clean and sober.

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