Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wintry Days

After three wintry days reminiscent of growing up in Seattle, yesterday dawned dry but cloudy. Clouds and skies were primary in my mother's book of favorite things, so I dedicate these to her. I never really understood her, but she had exquisite taste in clothes, styles, and books. I'd trade my bank account for her looks and charisma.
From my first trip to Colorado, a cabin on the western slope, leading into a gorgeous panoramic sky. I called this "Alone but not Lonely.
And from my deck in Oakland, a January sky.

 After four years of drought along comes four inches of rain, causing many trees around here to come crashing down, including one on the golf course here and one in Catherine's back yard. Fortunately, no deaths so far.
Monday I start two classes : "Sketching By the Heart"
and "Famous Supreme Court Cases".
I also get a new crown on an old decayed tooth, see my doctor about my unhealing broken ribs,
and try to eat more foods rich in calcium. The first two are about choice, and the last three about aging not so graciously.
Yesterday Biden said "We have two good candidates." Hmm. It wont be long before we know the answer to that one. I wonder when we'll know if N. Korea really has the hydrogen bomb?
Happy New Year.

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Jan said...

A little confusing to add comments. You have to click on no comments to get the comment box.
Love the photos and the thinking.
Thoughts are good, but sometimes they need actions to share them with others.
Wonderful blog Bonnie, keep working on it.