Thursday, October 18, 2012


For a short time, my world is defined by the number of pees and poops, rather than comas and semi colons.

I had a fall on October 10th and broke my hip. I am getting better day by day. I will be back online soon.

(Written for Bonnie, by Sheila Fimreite)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Empty Places At the Table

Here sits the empty table in my Cathy Lane patio artfully staged to tweak the imagination of prospective buyers. Note that even Kodi (in the background) rejects it.
Lasts week's buyers, the ones who loved the property so much they promised, in their letter of intent, they would treasure the land forever and never move a single plant. They dropped off on day 4: "Just too much work." This theme is echoed by so many. Meanwhile I juggle my life between two addresses, grieving one and trying hard to embrace the other.
This week's buyers were reported to have cried when they were told they got it, and promised in their letter of intent that the land was so extensive there would always be room here for my spirit to roam around. I'm not sure I want it to.

Meanwhile in spite of my juggling back and forth between Oakland and Santa Rosa every few days they garden here continues to bloom. The roses are frowning at the hole where the septic tank is exposed for legal inspection, the persimmons are beginning to show color, the camellias are starting and the arbutelon are hanging loose.