Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Delays

Nothing is ever for sure. Twenty minutes before we were to leave for San Francisco Tuesday the hospital called and and informed me their scanning machine was down.... Reschedule for Friday.
We made the best of it and went to  lunch at Sea Thai Bistro, here in Santa Rosa. Its been a hot, smoky week, with the fires down south. Still, keeping my chin up. Cross your fingers nothing else will happen.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Waiting Game Almost Over

Three days from now (and waiting is hard) I trek to SF for the robot simulation for zapping my lung cancer. At that time many  experts will measure me, tattoo me, and make a body cast for me to lie in during the five day procedure. Its all very exciting and sometimes the anxiety of the unknown kicks in. Right now, however, my lung infection seems healed, and I am antzy to get on with it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hurry Up and Wait

Last Wednesday an Oakmont friend, Karen, drove me to meet with the robot doc in San Francisco where Catherine and Michelle (Lee's cousin) sat with me for a two and a half hour conference with a nice man I'll call Dr. A. Seems Dr. A has a slightly different opinion of the radiation treatment plan than my oncologist up here, whose plan (though not personality)I prefer.
They are going to confer by phone next Monday or Tuesday. And then confer again with me. Then yesterday I met with my pulminologist and got yet other suggestions. And I may seek a fourth opinion. "Anyhow" as my Canadian relatives would say,  it looks like early August is the first anything can happen. Thanks to everyone who is being so supportive.
Birthday celebrations continue. This is getting old, as am I.  

On the left, Shirley and Dolores, my freshman sorority roommates from 68 years ago, dining at Michelle Maries, a french coffee house here.
Additional bonus, my great niece, Darcie, and her husband Dave, whom I had never met, flew to California from their home in rural Wyoming to interview for a job up by Mt Lassen. By rising at four am they were able to visit with me for an hour, just before I left for SF. The job turned out to be a reject, but Darcie said they whole trip was worth it just to see me. My head is swelling.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Birthday Girls

As usual on Wednesday nights here fifteen or sixteen of us go out for dinner, at which time those who have had a birthday that week are celebrated. So last Wednesday after the cards and songs for two of us, I told the following story:
Eighty-six years ago in Seattle's Swedish hospital, a hospital that still exists, a strikingly beautiful  Canadian woman of twenty one, an illegal immigrant,  gave birth to a 7.6 oz baby girl. When Dr. Torland held me up for my mother to see, she screamed. Her baby was not perfect, for the second and third toes on both feet were webbed. She begged Dr Torland to take a scalpel and cut them through, and even though he was one of many men who was smitten with my mother's beauty and charisma, he refused.
When I was little and other kids pointed at my toes and teased me, I tried to hide my feet.
I guess I was seven or eight,
by then altogether used to my mother's romantic dalliances, that I noticed my beloved father had identical webbed toes. I realized then I was his kid, and ever since I have celebrated my uniqueness.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Seems Cancer Makes One Self Absorbed

Much as I'd like my focus to be on the world, you, nature, ect. it seems when one has  cancer one can only think of themselves.I very much dislike that, but that is how it is right now.
I am in a fair amount of pain, which my new doc thinks is from the cancer, not from the broken ribs yet healing.
As of Wednesday morning I have an oncologist Dr. Brett and he rules the roost. He wants me to go to Sutter hospital in SF for one to  four days for treatment with the cyber knife, to radiate away the tumor in my left lung. Even though we don't yet know much about the nature of the kind of cancer, he wants this done immediately. It could be anything from stage one to four, or even a mutation, but he insists on immediacy. So I am waiting for insurance approval. You can read about the cyber knife on Goodgle.
Then I will stay in a hotel in SF that has shuttle service to the hospital. All of my friends and family in SF have houses with stairs, which I'm not up to at this juncture. So I may leave as early as tomorrow or it could be a week from tomorrow. The holiday complicates things. How lucky I am to have the means and friends and family to accomodate this.
Cousin Michelle who lives in SF has familiarity with the cyber knife and will accompany me the first day. Wow. A lot to digest.
Its better not to phone as there are so many hospital calls, but I can still get and send emails with ease.
Love you all.