Friday, January 1, 2016

Seeing Things Clearly

NPR posed the question yesterday, "What ideas changed for you in 2015?" I remember from my college senior philosophy class that we have beliefs, attitudes and values, and that the latter are the hardest to change. So Iv'e been posing the question to myself, first, and to my friends. For myself, to name a few, I now believe for sure that there is life in outer space, probably galaxies and universes away. And I've waffled back again about believing Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbor was going to be invaded (I now think no, but may change my mind again). Most of the changes in my beliefs come from classes or lectures I've attended here. I now have a small appreciation for abstract art, and that is new.
Friends have replied with things like, "I now believe for sure that my cancer is gone." Or "I now fully accept the danger of global warming". One person replied "I now embrace the inevitability of the demise of our planet, because we will never learn to get along, and will thereby destroy ourselves."
So, wondering what your thoughts are?
The photo is from a winter hike on Skyline, near my old house. Sometimes the fog of past memories and experiences clutters our vision.
Does anyone feel like they got to the highest level of the taxonomy, of changing a value in 2015?

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