Saturday, January 16, 2016

Between a Rock and a Hard Place...

If you missed last Wednesday's NOVA program on our planet's rocky start, try to find some way to see it. Probably the best explanation I have ever seen on how life started on earth. Yes, from rocks, four and a half billion years ago. It fit right in with my new Lifelong Learning class on astro biology. In the question and answer period at the end I asked the professor: "Could the current experience of
climate change be related to our sun's normal cycle of getting hotter and hotter?" He had already explained in the lecture that the sun is one quarter hotter than in dinosaur days. Well, he praised me for the question, as did others. He answered it technically, but the condensed answer is NO.  I was proud of myself for asking the question but I had an ulterior motive. My g. niece Darcie in Wyoming is writing a  term paper on  climate change. I will try to get to some of the  books on the excellent bibliography but I am still only half way through my first book for my class on the Supreme Court, and I don't feel like reading tonight.
Tuesday my primary doc called me in to explain I had osteoporosis and needed to start on Fosamax.
When I declined he was horrified. "You don't believe in science," he scolded? The trouble is, I do believe in science and find the evidence pro and con on this drug conflictual. Later Tuesday I asked my dentist, who isn't exactly new age thinking as many friends are. He was adamantly opposed because of what he believes is damage to the brain. So for the time being I'm going to take more calcium and D, and try to do more weight bearing exercises.
Today for the first time I tried some of the vitamin supplements my darling chiropractor gave me, to increase bone density. I should have remembered that all my life vitamins and mineral supplements have given me nausea, indigestion, and tummy cramps. So Im skipping a good lesbian concert on site
tonight to stay close to the bathroom. Free ticket, anyone?
We are in a weather period of mostly soft but sometimes hard rains, but almost always a little sun, Reminds me of Seattle, but not cold at all. Kinda pretty, really. Wish I could save the water running down the gutters for next summer, or to cool our ever warming planet. .

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Guardians of Lake Chabot said...

Hang in there girl. Taking supplements with or just after eating might help you out a bit in terms of indigestion, etc.