Friday, June 24, 2016

Standing In

My niece Cheari and hubby Alvey from Arlington, Wash. are holding Oakmont together for me as I'm still fighting off this bug that wants to hold court in my left lung. I need another CT scan of what's going on in there but it has to be delayed till the infection is healed, so right now its a waiting game.
The Raineer cherries from Washington are about to say bye bye as is my favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, Mango Sorbet. Not sure I will survive these major losses.
Today is an exciting day in the news,  Cheari attended Current Events for me while Alvey smoozed in a deck chair. So I'm going to let her tell you about it.
Here goes ... it was my first current events session and interesting subjects were discussed.  Climate change, Trump and more Trump, the pull out of England from the EU, organic farming and the use of GMO's, the recent verdict concerning the sentence of a woman in Oakmont who killed an elderly woman and badly injured another while driving by accelerating rather than braking.  There were others that don't come to mind at the moment, but will trickle into my head and consciousness in the next couple of days.  I understand the draw of all the clubs, social and educational opportunities and everything else Oakmont has to offer, and am so happy that Aunt Bonnie found and moved to this stimulating community that has given her pleasure over her years living here.  Best wishes ... Cheari

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