Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another Moment in Lavender

Its a challenge to catch the lavender in bloom at just the right moment. When I scouted out to Matanzas winery last Tuesday I determined I was a week too soon for the peak. Last year when I took the picture of the tourist I was three days late; they had already started to harvest. Anyway, I had fun taking pictures and Wednesday I finally finished revisions on the painting I started a year ago. Can you see what she is staring at so intently?
Many memorials around Santa Rosa this week for the 49 shooting victims in Florida.
My days seem filled with medical appointments so I have been saving my energy for that. Pet scan tomorrow, which means a weird low carb diet today. For breakfast Im having a cheese and spinach omelet----no fruit or toast or coffee. Seems weird.

Meanwhile in Washington DC we are filibustering to change the gun laws. All of my heart and energy and will are attached to this effort.

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