Wednesday, June 8, 2016

NOW Every Little Girl Can Be Whatever She Dreams To Be

With joy and relief I celebrate Hillary's nomination. Now we can all breathe a bit deeper. Except me, maybe, for right now breathing becomes a challenge, at least deep breathing.

I am ambivalent about reporting that I hope I will be around for her inauguration. Day before yesterday my lung biopsy of the previous week confirmed what I suspected, lung cancer in the left lung. Thats about all I know for now until I see the oncologist June 29. Meanwhile I'm continuing my usual activities and enjoying the support of so many friends here.

What tickled me yesterday was my petite housekeeper, Kelly, arrived with a Hillary tee shirt. Kelly is a treasure. Not only did she make my house spic and span, she found a ring I thought I had lost for sure, nestled under the cedar chest in my bedroom. It would have been so easily vacuumed up. The ring was my Aunt Celia's from the First World War in France, where she served in the trenches as an army nurse. It was originally from her beau, a soldier and patient who loved her, but sadly died.

When I inherited it I had it remade, adding a lapis stone, my favorite. Thank you, Kelly.
Along with other Albany high school girls, in "42 and "43, Lee was a Rosie the Riveter at the Richmond Ship Yards, so the image is especially precious to me.

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