Friday, July 1, 2016

Seems Cancer Makes One Self Absorbed

Much as I'd like my focus to be on the world, you, nature, ect. it seems when one has  cancer one can only think of themselves.I very much dislike that, but that is how it is right now.
I am in a fair amount of pain, which my new doc thinks is from the cancer, not from the broken ribs yet healing.
As of Wednesday morning I have an oncologist Dr. Brett and he rules the roost. He wants me to go to Sutter hospital in SF for one to  four days for treatment with the cyber knife, to radiate away the tumor in my left lung. Even though we don't yet know much about the nature of the kind of cancer, he wants this done immediately. It could be anything from stage one to four, or even a mutation, but he insists on immediacy. So I am waiting for insurance approval. You can read about the cyber knife on Goodgle.
Then I will stay in a hotel in SF that has shuttle service to the hospital. All of my friends and family in SF have houses with stairs, which I'm not up to at this juncture. So I may leave as early as tomorrow or it could be a week from tomorrow. The holiday complicates things. How lucky I am to have the means and friends and family to accomodate this.
Cousin Michelle who lives in SF has familiarity with the cyber knife and will accompany me the first day. Wow. A lot to digest.
Its better not to phone as there are so many hospital calls, but I can still get and send emails with ease.
Love you all.

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