Sunday, May 29, 2016

Try, Try Again

From a stunning best of show photo of Jan Hagan's I fashioned this abstract in Dale Laitinen's class. Will I ever get the concept? Abadstracts as I call them make me nauseous but
seem to be the vogue these days. Quite ugilly.
To me it looks like a burned moldy sausage. Or worse. Oh well, I'll keep trying.
Last night finished Deep, Down, Dark for book club on my ipad. Though I am especially interested in Chile and the psychological aspects of the coal miners confined in the mine for 37 days, I found the book tedious. Has anyone else read it? Today the free movie here is Bridge of Spies. I liked it so well at the theatre last year I may go again.

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Tom Swift said...


I keep trying to reply to your email, but it keeps getting sent back.

Hope you are well. Happy to share news of Cathy Lane with you - just tell me if you have a new email address (or put me in your 'approved' email list on EarthLink - maybe it thinks I am spam!)

Tom Swift