Sunday, May 22, 2016

Election weary

Like most of us, I am totally election weary. Not that I don't find it exciting, nail biting, joyous, painful, and a dozen other adjectives. Since Catherine pinned a Hillary button on my bosum two weeks ago I have hardly been without publicly clarifying my position, and yet I find a yearning to go hide in the bushes and be done with this. Pull some nettles over my head and declare "Leave me alone". Are you just as exhausted with the rhetoric?
Last Thursday night my book club had dinner at Bistro 29, a lovely old French restaurant on 2nd St here. The food and service was almost as good as in France, and the price fixe menu ($29.) was bearable. I was getting into the spirit of the cuisine when, to my horror, someone (a Bernie person) brought up a cell phone picture of Hillary ogling Christina Aguliere's boobs. "Photoshop"several screamed. Who knows and who cares, I thought. The spell was broken, and the next three courses were consumed with election stuff.  I don't know if I can stand this till December. I may find an island retreat and reread old classics.
Im looking happy in the picture because Im just going into a great concert with Holly Near, Barbara Higbie and Jan Martinelli and 300 fans. It was an evening to be remembered and we raised 14 thousand dollars for scholarships. Whee. Perhaps if the electorate were better educated we wouldn't have all this drama and name-calling. Dream on, Crosse.

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