Monday, May 16, 2016

Open Studios Wrap Up

For a week and a half my living area has been the display gallery for my watercolors. I could have taken them down a week ago when open studios was over, but I found myself studying them a lot each day, finding things I liked, would change, or would eliminate all together.
What if our life was like that? We could spread out our successes and failures and attempts to change them, and have the leisure to study them, getting new insights? Tossing the bad choices in the garbage and trying over a new way? I like that concept a lot.
Here are a few pictures of the open studios. The weather was misty, so the turn out was not grand. What folks liked were small abstracts. I might add this was to my horror. I usually toss them in the garbage, and fast. I guess I need to rethink that. Or do I? Since I only sell enough to pay for my classes and supplies, maybe I should just stick with what gives me joy?
On the last day of open studios a   candidate for county supervisor came by. She was just walking the precinct. Finding twenty or so of her constituents inside, she stayed for an hour and a half, munching persimmon cookies. So politics rather than art took center stage. It was a hoot.
Ever since then I have been sporting the Vote Hillary button Catherine pinned on my left boob.
There is a best seller book right now touting the concept. of only keeping what gives us joy.  And in life, maybe its just the same way.
If one does what feels good and authentic, then parts of our life do not have to go in the garbage. Maybe. I'm evaluating that, as I think about the earth, climate change, and the political drama going on.

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Jan Hagan said...

Just thinking how you were originally talked in to setting up a blog. It has been good for you, and fun for your followers. Thanks Bonnie! hugs,