Thursday, October 27, 2016

Twp Years Ago, This Date...

A dry river bed in the Sierra.,maybe taken by Jan H. Seems like centuries ago; I just got out of Petaluma Valley Hospital where I confounded the doctors and nurses for a few days. Now I am home with wonderful full time care. I had taken the magic $200.000 a month targeted pill to kill my rare cancer mutation for ten days with no problem till everything suddenly went south. I called 911 when I started vomiting blood. Three days to the ER. then three in the hospital, where my left arm looked like a huge sausage link and my right lung filled with fluid. How blessed I am to have friends here and Catherine in the wings to intervene. It was a long haul. Not sure where we'll go from here but I must be getting better because I'm getting bossy.

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