Friday, October 14, 2016

More Matters of Consequence

Since last week's blog much has happened in the political world. Just before the second Donald-Hillary debate, an old tape of Trump revealed him boasting about sexually molesting women which was followed a few days later by other women reporting his advances. All of this made women incensed. For me the anger churned and churned, and I have been unable to let go of it. The anti nausea pills I take a half hour before the chemo pills hardly touch my emotional upheaval. Not being a mother, I've so often wondered if mothers of boys teach their offspring to respect women? If they do, how come the boys when they become men forget the lesson? I presume Trump had a mother...I wonder what she would think? Does anyone know how Trump was raised?
Last night at a meeting (I ventured out for the first time in a week)I took an informal poll among my Rainbow Women colleagues. "Is there anyone here who has NOT been groped, hit on, or molested by a man?" The answer was no. I guess this is universal. So sad.
I thought of my own life. It has happened at least a dozen times that I remember, and I've probably forgotten another dozen. Twice a janitor at a place of employment cornered me after hours and made a pass. I was young, and it never occurred to me to report them. Among the stories I heard last night was that of a young woman who was volunteering at a farm in Israel. She stepped on a scorpion in her bare feet, and while laying on a gurney in the hospital corridor getting novacain injections a medical employee in a white coat came by and climbed on the gurney and mauled her. Many other stories, curiously enough, happened in medical settings. Apparently doctors, like entertainers, think they have special privilege.
Hillary's election will not stop this behavior. I'm not sure if anything will. I'm incensed that any woman would cast a vote for Donald after what has come out, and yet thousands will. I know at least half a dozen who live near me. They vote the way their husbands tell them to, and they tell me that "I just don't understand". Well. I don't, and never will.

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