Friday, October 7, 2016

Matters of Consequence

Since there are ten of us in the book club I started almost four years ago, each person gets a turn every ten months to choose a book and hostess the group. For my turn yesterday I chose St Exuperey's The Little Prince,  

This a book given to me as a gift in 1949, and I have probably read it forty times. The pages are a little yellowed and the jacket is gone, but it never fails to speak to me. For the meeting I asked each member to read a selection that spoke to them, and if so moved, to come in costume representing that part. Since my agenda was to start the magic chemo pill the next day (today) I personally chose the part about the little prince visiting the fourth planet and interviewing the business man on matters of consequence... Niece Cheari took the role of the business man counting the stars.

It was such fun. I tried to serve french cheeses and decorate with the tricolors of the French flag. You can see by the pictures that we had great fun. Another "Bonnie" in the group chose to read about the fox in the desert, and you will see that I tried on the fox ears.
So as for today, I took the pill at nine, took an anti nausea pill at 9:45, and so far have managed to keep both

down. Between my insurance and Pfizer, the pill manufacturer, all the costs of $12,000 a month are being picked up. How lucky am I.

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Unknown said...

Bonnie, how creative you are. I know a good time was had by all. I remember when we went to see the play about the Little Prince at Zellerbach auditorium. You are a reminder to all of us to focus on matters of consequence.
With all my love. C.