Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hurry Up and Wait

Last Wednesday an Oakmont friend, Karen, drove me to meet with the robot doc in San Francisco where Catherine and Michelle (Lee's cousin) sat with me for a two and a half hour conference with a nice man I'll call Dr. A. Seems Dr. A has a slightly different opinion of the radiation treatment plan than my oncologist up here, whose plan (though not personality)I prefer.
They are going to confer by phone next Monday or Tuesday. And then confer again with me. Then yesterday I met with my pulminologist and got yet other suggestions. And I may seek a fourth opinion. "Anyhow" as my Canadian relatives would say,  it looks like early August is the first anything can happen. Thanks to everyone who is being so supportive.
Birthday celebrations continue. This is getting old, as am I.  

On the left, Shirley and Dolores, my freshman sorority roommates from 68 years ago, dining at Michelle Maries, a french coffee house here.
Additional bonus, my great niece, Darcie, and her husband Dave, whom I had never met, flew to California from their home in rural Wyoming to interview for a job up by Mt Lassen. By rising at four am they were able to visit with me for an hour, just before I left for SF. The job turned out to be a reject, but Darcie said they whole trip was worth it just to see me. My head is swelling.

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