Friday, February 19, 2016

Shelves Of Memories

About five months ago I asked Ralph, my handiman, if he could make me a bookcase similar to the bright  purple art deco type that stands on the left of my fireplace. I was skeptical when he said "sure" and more doubtful as the weeks rolled into months with no product. Twice in the ensuing months he brought his wife over to inspect the decor on the existing one. About six weeks ago I spent an hour at the paint store choosing colors. Well, to my shock and delight Ralph showed up with the finished product last Saturday, and it fit exactly in the space designated. It took me three days to decide what to put where, and a couple of nights I got up at three to rearrange things. So here's the  finished product, though the artifact arrangement is still in transition. Many of the objects have serious sentimental value, special just to me. The clock on the next to bottom shelf was in my Berkeley therapy office for 25 years, reminding clients of the fifty minute hour. Many of the Chinese figurines were Lee's mom's. The china cat and kitten were my aunt Celia's. There is a story about almost everything. Countries of origin include Peru, Egypt, and Norway, and the rocks used as bookends came from all over the world. I love them all. Each month I make efforts to downsize, but will I ever succeed?

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Jan H said...

Love the bookcase. Enjoy all of the memories that come with collected pieces that once belonged to someone or somewhere else. Very pretty!!!