Friday, August 29, 2014

Organized- Almost!!

Since I promised an upbeat blog this week I won't dwell on the earthquake which damaged so many buildings in nearby Napa but spared me, except for one large picture frame and s dozen or so ceramic objects. I'm now back to sleeping serenely and counting my blessings.
The exciting news is that my garage storage cabinets are now assembled and completed, that is except for filling them with all the trivia in boxes pushed against the other side of the garage. Finding a handyman to do the job was a challenge and I ended up firing the first one when he was half finished.

The unit in the middle is something rustic I picked up for $30 at a garage sale last year, whereas the two side units were unassembled cabinets from a local hardware store, now fitted out with extra shelves, and everything painted white.
What I hope this organization will do is inspire me to further downsizing, now that I can see what I have.
 An extra unit goes across the bottom to keep the cabinets off the garage floor in case of flood or washing machine overflow.
My good friend Jan Jobert is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to the Charles Schultz museum and a free harmonica concert by famed player Charlie Musselwhite. Then next week I'll get back to filling the new cabinets.
Hey everyone, are you jealous?

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Nancy Overton said...

I am green with envy and also inspired to get organized.