Friday, September 5, 2014

Out and About in Sonoma County

My prices have gone down. My learned advice is to get out and about in Sonoma County right now. The weather has cooled off to make for a delightful early fall. The Valley of the Moon has so much to  offer. My friend Jan (visiting from Oakland) and I had a delightful visit to the Charles Schultz museum. What a feast for the eyes and mind! Definitely more for adults than children. 
Midweek my photo group trekked to the QuarryHill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen, only about fifteen minutes from here. This vast garden preserves endangered species from Asia and has rotating exhibits, currently of gigantic wooden sculptures. I got to do a test run with my new camera, as well. 
The local veggie markets are still overflowing with heirloom tomatoes, but I wonder how long that will last.  Some vineyards are already crushing. 
Today and tomorrow I will host Lee's four and a half year old great niece, Charlotte, and her Daddy from New Hampshire.  We hope to stretch our toes and minds at the local Children's museum. My calendar is bulging with meetings and trips, mostly new adventures. How is yours? Come see me. 

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