Friday, August 8, 2014

Collapsing from the Weight Of it All

August sees an explosion of flowering everything in Sonoma County. Even the giant stalks of the sunflowers bend with the accumulation of weight. It makes for fascinating flower watching, I predict this one, about a quarter mile from here, will groan loudly and collapse in about a week. It must be twenty inches in diameter. I'd collapse as well.
I'm headed into a wonderful, busy weekend, are you? Meanwhile, high smoky skies from the fires in N. California are making all of us breathe a little harder.
Sandy Delahanty my friend and painting teacher is arriving this afternoon to spend three nights and teach a painting class, "Moving Your Painting to the Next Level." It will be her first visit to my home and to Oakmont students.
I can hardly wait. I expect that next week I'll collapse too.

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