Saturday, April 19, 2014


My patience, or impatience if your please, has been rewarded. Finally the few tiny iris bulbs I brought from Oakland have shown their color. They are all the same; a delicate blue with yellow beard. This old gardener who used to be known as the "iris lady" is smiling till the corners tickle her earlobes.

Last Friday night I attended an art show in nearby Sebastopol. As juried art shows go, I thought it was so-so. What took my breath away, though, was a huge vase of iris sitting on the back table. I asked its source and was told that they were from the "iris lady". That got me to thinking, are there iris ladies all over the globe? Am I not even a little bit unique? Oh, I guess not. I guess I have to transform myself to something new.

 Each day now something new to me pops up in my garden. Often it is toadstools! I marvel at their variety and texture. Does anyone know what the specimen below is? It appeared for the first time on Tuesday. I handled it very carefully fearing it might be lethal.

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Tamara said...

Not lethal at all! That is a prized morel mushroom and lovely in a cream sauce :-) Sorry I didn't see it earlier!