Friday, April 25, 2014

Invited and Uninvited Guests

My massage lady, Donna,  whose hands are usually just the right degree of pressure were too vigorous yesterday afternoon, hence I am sitting with an ice  pack at 3 am grimacing with each movement. Perhaps I have spent too much time sitting---both painting and reading seem to consume me right now. Last night I finished The Invention of Wings, suggested by Jan Matsuoka. A great read, especially for a feminist.
My new garden is coming alive and thanks to readers Margaret in Sacramento and Alvey in Arlington, Wn, the identity of the mystery fungus in last week's blog is no longer a mystery. It is a morel, considered a delicacy. I'm not quite confident enough to add it to my scrambled eggs, however.
Most of the old roses that were here are now gone, but the one or two remaining are sporting aphids, like last year. Trying to be green as possible I once more invested in lady bugs. Last year's investment was a great success, but this year's offspring seem ambivalent. In fact, so many were already in lady bug heaven when I opened the containers that I coaxed the nursery to replace them. Just to welcome the newcomers I wrote the following:

Ladybug, ladybug, tea is served
Not with lemon and sugar, methinks
Though to you the aphids devouring my roses
May taste like honey in the Garden of Eden.

I implore you to take seconds, even thirds
In fact I invite you to spend the summer.
For that matter, invite your spouse
And be blessed with hundreds of baby beetles

One day you will all be sated
And fly away to a neighbor’s repast
Meanwhile, I cherish your presence
And rejoice at your voracious appetite.

Ladybug, ladybug, I cherish thee
With your red cloak and beady eyes
And impressive appetite
You make my garden Technicolor.

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Beth said...

Hail, ladybugs!! Bonnie, I heard that there is an iris garden / nursery in Napa. The Benicia plein air group went there recently -- the photos they posted were wondrous!