Friday, April 4, 2014

Coming to Life Sowly

Like my garden, my old bod is coming back to life slowly from the March madness of illness and hospitalization. Too slowly, for my preferences, of course. One of the teeny iris bulbs I brought from Cathy Lane is finally showing a tinge of color; I can't wait for it to reveal itself. Meanwhile, I am beginning to attend regular activities here and my sense of humor is returning, at last

For our writing group last night we wrote to the prompt,  "It was a spring day..." Perhaps you will chuckle at this bit of fiction I wrote.
It was a spring day….and I decided the ground was now soft enough to dig a grave.

So I hoisted my shovel and sat out for the spot I’d chosen under the plum tree behind the greenhouse. I carefully removed her body from the freezer in the garage. It was curiously light, for her head had been dissected from her torso, leaving a bloody stump which was now frozen solid, of course.. But her beautiful brown eyes seemed to stare directly at me. They seemed to be saying, “Who did this indignity to me?”

I dug a generous sized hole, lining it with green moss  and decaying leaves before I tenderly placed her  there, eyes looking upward.  With a match I lit some sage, invoking an old Cherokee chant to the spirit of the wind to carry her essence to the four corners of the earth. Reverently I placed large five finger fern leaves over her before gently tamping the soil back down.

My habit of picking up road kill was something few could understand. So I seldom confessed to it . This great horned owl deserved the most reverent departure I could conjure up., don’t you agree?

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Tamara said...

Yes! Great horned owl, rest in peace.