Friday, February 21, 2014

Back Yard Progress

Yippee! This week has seen much progress on the remodeling of the back yard. Its amazing what four strong men and the right tools can accomplish

The main attraction is the laying down of bluestone granite and stepping stones on the  pathway so that this old lady does not slip and slide as she goes out to smell the flowers. Yesterday they rolled the bluestone with a power roller. What a difference. Smelling the flowers will have to wait for another year, though. With our continued drought we are expecting water rationing; not a good year for planting. I'll have to peruse other's gardens for that inspiration which comes easy in this county of thousands of gardens, vineyards and Luther Burbank enthusiasts.
To top it off, this weekend I'm taking a two day water color class from Birgit O'Conner on big, bold, beautiful flowers.Aren't I the lucky one.

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Jan Hagan said...

Looking good, very exciting!