Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Brings Me Joy Today?

          In the newly landscaped front yard here little plants are popping up each day now that we've had a break in the drought.  I have to restrain myself from pulling them, for they look like weeds, but they are indeed new plants which will add color and texture to my formerly bland landscape. Yippee.
          On waking yesterday I rushed to the bathroom groaning. The urinary tract infection I had been flirting with for three days seemed to be winning in spite of my best efforts to drown it with cranberry juice. This syndrome for me seems to follow every hospitalization, including the latest for heart ablation. Thanks to cipro, I'm much improved today. All the same, I'm sick of putting energy into being sick. On my newly mounted bulletin board in the kitchen I just put a sign up to remind myself: "What brings me joy today?" Well, I know that writing my blog gives me joy, so I'll count that for today, (Saturday) and each day I'll try to add something to the list. If you haven't done so, maybe you would like to join me.
          My friend Jan Hagan, vacationing in Maui, sends a new photo almost every day of a whale's tail. She takes such delight in each sighting. I'm not sure I can sight any marathons of the sea in Oakmont, but I can certainly find small wonders of nature to behold.

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