Saturday, March 1, 2014

Water Surrounds!

Though the drought has not ended, a welcome series of storms has greatly blessed us. In my backyard sit about 40 buckets of plants which will go into the soggy ground on Monday. By then I expect the soil will be just right.
Last weekend I enjoyed two days of water color painting here on the grounds with teacher Birgit O'Conner. The subject was big, bold beautiful flowers. She uses generous amounts of water sloshed around on 300# paper. The class chose to trace and emulate her beautiful hibiscus photograph. She carefully demonstrated every step. Below are some examples of their finished products.
I thought they were all stunning. Being the contrary spirit I am, I chose to do my own from a photo  I'd taken of a yellow hibiscus in Hawaii. I think the result is not nearly as stunning but at least it is my own, and I prefer 120# paper. . 
The second day we chose to  do a photo Birgit had taken of calla lilies. Most of us did not finish, and I expect mine will go down the drain, but it was still fun. Here is patient Birgit teaching us. For her, there is much emphasis on which brush to use for each stroke. (Natural bristle, half and half, or our synthetic). Not something I usually pay attention to, but perhaps I am not too old to learn. 


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Tamara said...

Yes, yes! Not too old to learn! I loved your Hibiscus--so vibrant and with lovely cool shadows. Wish I could see it in all its full size glory! Thanks for posting.

Tamara said...

Yes, I think the first time it just posted the numbers I was entering to prove I'm not a robot. There's probably something I could say about having to "prove" I'm not a robot, but I better get back to work!