Friday, August 30, 2013

Out of Control

My art flat files to replace the ones wrecked in the warehouse flood last October arrived this week, and are quickly getting stuffed from piles in the garage.  I'm ecstatic. 
A trek to King's Nursery last week revealed this sunflower hugging the six foot fence. It must be twelve feet tall . Like my heart, it doesn't know when to stop.
How lucky that Catherine was able to accompany me to the cardiologist's yesterday because the medical terminology is out of my league.  He reviewed all my tests and concluded that my heart muscle is strong, my three leaky valves and cyst in my liver are not significant, but that my heart is racing as if I were running a marathon.  Stronger methods are needed to try to soothe the atrial fib. So today I start on new meds including a blood thinner to prevent stroke. Not thrilled with the idea, but as the Norwegians say, "It could be worse."  If you have any experience or thoughts on this, I welcome your comments.
Yesterday the government reported that same sex married couples may now file federal returns jointly. About time. My current events group here today is going to be jumping up and down. My gratitude is also out of bounds.

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