Friday, August 9, 2013

Fireside Chat

FDR isn't the only one to do fireside chats---now I can too, for my new gas insert arrived yesterday making my whole living room and indeed my whole being glow with the lovely patina of the copper surround.  Now I have to get busy and  create some paintings with the same scrumptious color. Perhaps dark, dark sunflowers? My new flat files will be coming in two weeks replacing the ones wrecked in the warehouse flood.  Then I can organize my paint studio and get to painting.
The past three weeks have been a medical scramble for me. Tired of me complaining of feeling puny my primary doc ordered some blood tests which showed my heart overworking, probably due to my lifelong atrial fib. I'm in the process of having some other heart tests, some not so fun. My good friend and Oakmont neighbor Sue Dibble who first encouraged me to move up here has been hauling me to and from appointments. What would I do without Sue and partner Jeanne? They get seven stars for devotion. Sue, a retired nurse, informs me that my pee is probably still radioactive from Wednesday's test.  I find that fascinating, do you?
In my side yard is an Asian Pear of impressive size probably nesting five hundred not quite ripe fruit. At the base of the tree there appears to be a small hole in the fence separating me from my neighbor (a renter I do not know). Each morning I find 15-20  Asian pears on the ground, perhaps ten with bite marks. Clearly whatever creature is doing the damage also rejects them as not quite ripe. Is it a racoon, a fox (many here), a skunk, or a rat? I wouldn't mind sharing if whatever it is would pick up after himself.  I'm thinking of going out in the dark and peeing by the hole in the fence. Perhaps then the interloper would get his pinkies wet and

 like my copper fireplace, glow in the dark.

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