Friday, September 6, 2013

Travels Here and There

The apple pears continue to harass me, or rather picking up the litter each morning does. Here is my attempt, in haiku, to address the problem:

          Besides night, who comes?
          Shakes my Asian pear tree
          Till the fruit exhales.

                   Rotting fruit galore
                   Bees and free loaders abound
                   Do I deserve this?

                         Be gone with you tree
                         Enchanting in spring you are
                         A manace in fall.

Next week instead of writing my blog on Friday I'll be eating fish and chips and fresh caught salmon in Canada and the Pacific Northwest as I visit my Vancouver relatives. Meanwhile, what I know about dahlias I could put in a thimble. A virgin photo trek with a newly formed group here
to Aztec Dahlia Gardens in Petaluma last Sunday produced some fun and photos. I guess I was as interested in the bugs on the dahlias as the flowers themselves, a few that are as big as dinner plates (the flowers, not the bugs).  While others continued to struggle with selective focus I doodled with pen and paper and colored pencil. Not my forte, but good practice. Maybe it is good to get my focus off of Syria.
Have a good week, and God Save the Queen.

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Beth said...

Oh the colors! Might be fun to select some of your photos as painting subjects.... love the haiku!!