Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Less Like A Goddess

While many of my friends celebrate Passover or Easter, I try to celebrate the Goddess within, an exercise in which I am not being very successful this year, even though I am joyfully having ten for Easter brunch, including Andrea, shown with me above.

My lower back pain which has diminished my positive outlook the last couple of months has now, through the magic of magnetic imaging , been diagnosed as arthritis throughout my spine but especially in L5, where the disc is both deteriorating and bulging. Here I thought it was only my tummy that was bulging. I'm being referred to a spine doc, where the usual treatment is steroid shots. Not sure I want to go that route so any suggestions are welcome. I hope it does not mean giving up pilates, my favorite exercise.

When Catherine and Mary celebrated Christmas in their second home in Santa Rosa they bought a living Christmas tree that turned out to be too large for their living room, so they planted it in the front yard. Now every holiday Cath, ever the romantic, decorates it in objects of the season. Many neighbors walk by and cheer and giggle. I hope it has the same affect on you. Hence the Easter tree pictured above.

The mythological viewpoint is that one year Ostara, the Goddess of Spring, was feeling guilty about spring arriving so late. When she arrived the first thing she saw was a pitiful little bird who lay dying his wings frozen in the snow, so she cradled him in her arms saving his life. Later she transferred him into a pet, or in some versions her passionate lover. Realizing later his sadness that he could not fly, she turned him into a rabbit who could run like the wind. She also gave him the ability to lay eggs, but just one day of the year. Happy spring!

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