Friday, April 27, 2012

Stage Door Memories

The first musical I ever saw was in Seattle's Paramount theatre.I was 22. It was then called Anna and the King of Siam starring the young Yul Brinner. Fantastic. I got very drunk afterwards; the hangover lasting three days. But that's a different story.
Each summer great entertainment comes to San Francisco. Much as I love live theatre, constraints of time, money and schedules have often prevented me from seeing some of the classic hits, though I so fell in love with the Phantom I saw it four times.
Today I am buying tickets for the musical War Horse at the Curran in August. Yeah!  I can hardly wait. Its staged with giant puppets like Lion King.
A few weeks ago to support my friend Claudia in her first theatre writing and reading I went with friends to see the debut at a small theatre on Valencia.. I joined the two ladies posed below waiting in the rain for the blue theatre door to open.  They looked so dear I asked permission to photograph them and later painted the scene shown here.  My sketching friend Beth was likewise charmed and used it in her blog.  Go to to chuckle at her rendition.
Claudia's sketch is about a hypothetical office worker in charge of buying greeting cards for every staff member.  It rings so many funny memories.
Thank goodness I never have to serve on another school or office social committee! I've learned to say NO!

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