Friday, March 30, 2012

Goddess Ostara and the Easter Bunny

Yeah. The world is awakening and in bloom. Since my new lightweight cannon digital camera arrived I have been out practicing quick draws. Its harder for my fat arthritic thumbs to maneuver but the ease of shooting and carrying is addictive. This week I had coffee in a place next to a nursery and, though windy, grabbed the flowering blossoms above. Because I live on top of a hill, things often bloom later here. But I was delighted yesterday on a tour of my garden to see the persimmon tree showing green leaves and some of the newly divided iris taking root.
Catherine, who just returned from DC where among other things she picketed in front of the Supreme Court, informs me that Easter is all about women's power and fertility and that it was evolved from pagan symbols. Ostara, for whom Easter was named, was a goddess of fertility. The female word estrogen is derived from her name.
When I was a little kid we really celebrated Easter, but not in the religious sense. Why? My glamorous Mother's nickname was "Bunny" and that was the name we and everyone else always called her. It was her day and in a way we regarded her as a goddess. I still have some of her ceramic bunny collection, and they will decorate my Easter table.

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