Sunday, February 5, 2017

Breaking Records

Another week of rain slithering in, sometimes in torrents, and when will it stop? Yesterday morning I asked Sam, my daytime caregiver, to pop over to the cascading stream by East Rec six blocks away) and pop some photos. She was back in ten minutes with half a dozen pictures of new plant stalks wiggling from milky water. Later Beth and Barb drove up from Alameda and while Barb serenaded us on her traveling guitar Beth and I tried to interpret the stream dribs sometimes in  water color.
Not very successful for me, but at least I'm trying. Seems we are breaking all rain records, after such a  long drought. Meanwhile, Tara Vanderveer, coach of Stanford women's basketball team broke new records by coaching 1,000 winning games. Trump nominated DeVos. an out of touch millionairess to be the new secretary of education. She can't even count straight and later apologized for her boo boo. Trump also nominated Neil Gorsuch for supreme court. Oh,my....But mainly last week was a record breaker for me, as I shifted from full time care to just five  days a week. I completed my five days of chest radiation the previous Wednesday. At this time my vision is improving, and some memory is coming back, which is terrific. Last week I ventured out to open studios, the women's cancer support group, and current events. Of course others have to drive me. I was a happy but exhausted camper. What isn't good is that the pain is increasing nightly so I'm not sleeping enough. I am usually up and sitting on the couch by three. I had my first and only hallucination two weeks ago at 3 in the morning, which resulted in a fight with my caregiver. Morphine every four hours helps enormously. My appetite has improved slightly, so I have much to celebrate. At Current Events (about 70 peple, 67 democrats) they decided to quit doing nothing but trump bashing, and so we did, but it makes for a pretty  dull meeting. Lets see what records are broken this coming week.

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Jan Hagan said...

So glad you have the energy to do this again.
See you soon!