Saturday, February 25, 2017

Laguna de Santa Rosa-At last

No kidding, I finally got to see the fabulous laguna with water in it. I have been trying for four years, without success, but this past few weeks everything has changed, The trees are up to their elbows with pooled water, drain off from the Russian River. Now I have to catch it at sunrise or sunset, or just create a painting with color reflections. This is a bit of a challenge, since I am still on morphine, and unable to drive. But it is less than an hour's drive and last week friend Steve took me for an  outing. (All our outings end at Super Burger, where Steve feasts on his childhood favorite, a malted milk shake, and this writer plunges into a child's size grass fed burger.
The laguna can be reached by driving or walking from Sebastopol. Many web sites describe it. There is a good environmental center there which offers classes and education on the wetlands. It may be that one can also rent kayaks to explore the bird life. I snapped a dozen or so photos from the car's front seat, which will inspire me to get out the paints.

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