Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

The Delehanty Ranch in Fairfield, otherwise known as Mt. Vernon because it is an eight bedroom home constructed to mimic it, was the setting for a three day abstract paint out last week.   Five of us, under Sandy's tutelage, managed to turn the lovely living room into a watercolor zoo. Liquid paint and masque and stencils were flying everywhere, as were our imaginations. We hardly stopped long enough to eat, but we did manage to take in the last two Giant games as they won the World Series pennant.

 My friend Margaret, below, has kept me chuckling through three trips with Sandy, two to France and one to Belgium. Likewise Sylvia, left  in front of the fireplace, has trekked France and Belgium with me.

Most of us were new to abstract painting but none of us are inhibited, so it was a gala event. Sylvia is probably the quietest of all of us, but her creation which I dubbed "The Source" turned out to be the wildest and most expressive.

It may not be finished so I'm not showing it.

Who knows what  we will come up  with next. Jan Matsuoka, my watercolor friend from Castro Valley joined us and was blown away. All are planning to attend the Celebration of Arts event here at Oakmont on Feb. 6 when three famous watercolor portrait painters are doing an all day demo of the same model. I've been instrumental in putting this act
together and you are all invited as my guests. I can hardly wait. Contact me if you are interested.

Happy painting! Happy creating, whatever your media.

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Sandy Delehanty said...

What a fun time we had! The great room was humming with so much creative energy it is a wonder that Mount Vernon did not take off and fly! I love painting with each of these ladies so this was a very special treat having all of us together in one place. We will definitely do this again!