Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rain and Smiles

All of California is still in drought but finally some gentle rains blessed us yesterday and all the parched flowers in my back yard

started to smile. Soon the doorbell rang and it was my two old friends, Shirley and Dolores. They brought lunch as well as a bucketful of memories and smiles. Old? Yes, We have been friends for 66 years and are all cuddling 84. We take turns with our infirmities now. My lungs are acting up and I am once more on portable oxygen for a while, hence the gathering at my place instead of a fancy restaurant. Shirley drove from San Jose navigating with walker and cane having just had half a knee replaced. We think we are pretty incredible. Hope you agree.

Dolores, left, who was a Home Ec major in earlier days, munched on  the pumpkin and carrot cupcakes while Shirley, right, who was a nurse, educated us about ebola and communicative diseases. I didn't do much except tell funny stories and rejoice at the rain. 

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