Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Changing Outlook

The dorms at the University of Washington were reserved for vets (thanks to the GI bill) returning from WW2 when I entered the University of Washington in the fall of 1948. Like so many other girls, I pledged a sorority for a place to toss my pillow. It was a challenge, but I lucked out by having two roommates who were probably just as unfit for sorority girl life as was I. Dolores and Shirley and I all live in California now, and retain hysterical memories of those long ago days.
Last Saturday I drove to Napa to visit with Dolores in her lovely condo. She gifted me this photo
taken by her Mom April 4, 1953. Thats sixty-one years ago if my math is correct. Egad. Giggling over the photo at lunch we decided were were pretty cute way back then. We had the waitress at the Napa General Store snap our picture so we could compare notes. What a difference six decades make.


Jan Hagan said...

Very cool chicks

Tamara said...

So glad you are out and about, Bonnie! Hip hip hurrah! Darling photos too :-)