Friday, May 30, 2014

Claiming My Space

In the wake of Maya Angelo's death, the Santa Barbara massacre and the corruption at the Veteran's Administration its hard to comment on trivia, but perhaps its just as well to be distracted for a bit.
May and June are house and garden project times here and much is scheduled for this new home-owner on Oakmont Drive. As I write, Paul, my handyman is here repainting the deck boards and railings that withered over the winter. Kelly, my housekeeper, offered an old garden bench for front porch decor, and Paul is painting the sides of it orchid color to match the lavender color scheme in my new front garden. I want every one driving by to know an artist lives here.
Tomorrow an electrician is supposed to come to install the overhead light and fan in my bedroom and a week from today my new front door is supposed to arrive. I'll hardly recognize the place. Its a good feeling to make it my own.

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Beth said...

Love the colors!! How is your fan?