Friday, January 31, 2014

Out of Synch

Did you ever feel like you weren't in synch with the rest of the world? Perhaps Obama did this week in his State of the Union speech, even though he seemed to be enjoying himself. Here it is the brink of February and the amaryllis I ordered for myself and as Christmas gifts are just coming into bloom, whereas many of the outdoor plants due to bloom in March are already past their prime.
Shopping at Safeway Tuesday night I said to the usually articulate clerk that I had to hurry home to hear the president speak. "Oh, is the president speaking?...How come?" After I swallowed and explained to him why this speech might be important I inquired "Do you usually keep up with the news?" "Oh, yes" he replied.
Said I, with a twinkle, "How do you get your news, on the tv? " "Oh, no, he responded, " I hardly look at tv."
Well, then, inquired I, "On the radio?" Again, a negative reply. "On the computer then?"
"I guess so," he answered, "I mostly read Facebook."
As amusing as this sounds, its also scary, isn't it.

For about three weeks I've been trying to get back to
painting and all of my attempts have landed in the trash.
Tomorrow maybe Ill try Sandy Delehanty's lesson on
painting white flowers. There must be some inspiration
still beating in me somewhere.

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