Friday, April 19, 2013

Words from Princess Mildred

The last three days my adorable black button nose has been in a bit of a snit as my Mom (Molly), and Dad (Brian) hosted a house guest named Bonnie from Santa Rosa. So even though she slept in the downstairs suite, their focus was distracted. Now that she is gone I can resume my normal schedule; object of unconditional love and attention, which is only appropriate for any adorable courtesan Bichon Frise, especially me, as I am a French princess (from Canada). I am also a fine sailor and chicken killer, but that's another story. Sometimes its exhausting just keeping them in line.
Normally their schedule revolves around my needs, and that is only as it should be. Especially right now when I have a sore right rear leg. Sometimes it hurts to put the full weight on my foot so I navigate on three legs. Other times, not. Dad thinks I am malingering because I so enjoy being carried up and down the stairs and lifted up and down from  the couch, an important activity at least fifty times a day.
Mom and Dad have taken me twice to the doggie acupuncturist, a treatment that costs much more than their own acupuncturist. That, too, is appropriate for such a regal creature as myself.
Wednesday when the driveway gate was left open for a few minutes I scooted out, running like the wind on all four. No one saw me, but I heard the strained calling: "Mildred, Mildred,". When a search of the house and grounds produced nothing, Dad took off in his bicycle. It took him only a few minutes to find me and tote me home. Don't I look majestic and adorable?
If Bonnie comes again I hope she has the good sense to bring gifts for the princess. 

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