Thursday, April 25, 2013

Transferring Allegiances and More Wrong Judgements

Each month sees me transferring sources and habits to Sonoma County, like doctors, banks, newspapers, art outlets, porn stores and coffee shops. (I just threw in the porn stores to see if you were reading). Its not as easy as it sounds, for I am a creature of habit as well as lazy.  
So when my three year old Malibu edged toward 25,000 miles I decided with some trepidation to take the plunge and try the local Chevrolet dealer.
They were delighted to receive my business and like the San Leandro dealer offered free shuttle to and from one's home while they preformed their computer magic.  As the woman shuttle driver was returning me to the dealer in the afternoon for the husky payment of services a call came in to pick up another customer who would be sitting on the bench in front of Target.
When we arrived there the only occupant of the bench was a young woman, perhaps 22, demurely sunning herself. Her peroxide assisted blonde hair hung thick and straight to her waist, a kind of contraction to her modest makeup and bland clothing. She appeared about a size two. "A manicurist or a drug store clerk" thought I. The loose fitting grey tee she wore hung in soft folds. On second glance I noted it said "Keep Drifting Fun".
She perched sedately on the back seat of the van letting out not a peep for several blocks. Finally I could not stand it. "What does your tee shirt mean?"  I turned and inquired. It was then she came to life.
"I'm a race car driver and this is my club" she said enthusiastically. Both the driver (a middle aged housewife type) and I did a double take. She went on to describe her activity.
"On Wednesday nights out at the track I race cars." She reported that she was very good at it and that, in fact, most of the women were better than the men and that they competed right along side them. "Its so much fun." "You must come out and see me", she said. She went on to say she was looking for a sponsor because tires cost so much. Apparently she wears out one or two sets every week. I was blown away. it was only as she was leaving the van that I noticed her left arm. There was a tattoo of leaves and flowers extending from her shoulder to her wrist only like the rest of her (except her hair)
the etching was so subtle and minute one had to focus to see it. I could not even imagine painting in water color that delicately. So once again my judgements of people by appearances are all wrong. Will I ever learn?

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