Thursday, February 28, 2013

Learning History The Easy Way

Bare with me as I describe once more my new community, Oakmont ,where today it is exploding with pink blossoms and yellow daffs like Bouchard's Garden, but where for me the tree pollen is also playing soccer in my sinuses. Its a tradeoff. Hopefully the shot I got yesterday will kick in before I honor the urge to drive a railroad stake into the middle of my forehead, which is what I yearn to do. Many, including me, have primroses and camellias (I've planted two). The women with me in the photo below are part of a new Rainbow Women Gardening group I just started.
Every Sunday morning they have a free lecture here which goes by the name of Sunday Symposium.  Another event to keep our brains percolating. Last week the topic was "Learning History Through Great Art" and it was magically entertaining as well as educational. About 150 sat entranced as Dr Bruce Elliot emerged from behind the curtain in burgundy velvet with thick neck ruffles and pantaloons, right out of a French Court scene. I arrived late so was seated in the front row. You can see my thinning grey hair where I'm seated on the left if you look closely and you are able to pick up the link shown at the bottom of this blog.  Dr. Elliot's premise is that we learn history best by studying the art of the period. He started in about 400 AD and in 90 minutes took us through the 18th century.What a delight.

Another enlightening event occurred Wednesday night as PBS aired the three hour documentary of the history of the Women's Movement. I thought I was pretty savvy about the subject but I surely learned a lot.  For me to sit up till 11 you know it has got to be good.  If you missed it try to see the rerun, probably in March.

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Sheila said...

Bonnie - I saw Makers: Women Who Make America online. Here is the link.

I thought it was fabulous.
Glad you are enjoying your new digs!