Friday, December 14, 2012

Whimsy Not Flimsy

When most of my moldy furniture when to the dump last month due to the flood in the warehouse I shopped locally for  replacements of dish cabinets and bookcases. Finding nothing that suited me, I turned to the Ethnic Arts web site in Berkeley. I have long been smitten with the David Marsh hand crafted furniture displayed throughout the house of Stace and Andrea, part of my Hayward "family". David Marsh furniture is whimsical, hand-crafted, and each piece unique. From photos and their endorsement I selected two pieces, a large blue-purple bookcase and a basura stick cabinet, shown above. (Basura means garbage.) They don't begin to hold the contents of my boxes (about thirty yet to unpack) but they are fun, unique, planet friendly, and so why not?
Made in Texas, each piece has the signature on the back of each artist who contributed to it, and my pieces have many. The cabinet is made of pine, recycled wood, marbles, old broom sticks, old yard sticks and pieces of wood I can't identify. One piece is stamped Psychiatric Institute of Fort Worth. Another says TOYS TOYS TOYS.
Perhaps I am turning a corner of being more creative and planet friendly.  Anyway, my house is.  I hope you will come and see for yourself.
Next on my list are 24 x 36 replacement flat files for my own art.  Suggestions welcome.


Beth said...

adopting a playful outlook, I see. Good for you!! This new home is your new canvas, make it what you want!

Sandy Delehanty said...

I love this chest Bonnie! As you know Burke and I love whimiscal things, and he is particularly good at scouting them out. For the Christmas gift exchange at the family ranch this year he bought a metal pig sculpture toasting a martini. Megan ended up with it and just loved it!

I hope you continue to look for special and fun things to complete your new canvas and not rush out to get something just so you can unpack some more boxes.

Happy New Year!