Friday, December 7, 2012

Reinventing, Part 2

Unlike Alameda County with its Mediterranean climate Sonoma County boasts a sense of seasons.  Everyone around experienced the three storms last week but up here we had almost 8 inches of rain in three days, compared to three in the Oakland hills.  My maple trees so full of color last week are now bare and the gardeners are intently raking up my piles as I write.  "Not sure I can get them all in my truck," the head gardener conveys. Not surprising, though.  I can't even see the patio bricks.
Yesterday was a down day for me. My hip and back were complaining from the slightly more rigorous physical therapy on Tuesday so when I saw the kindly PT yesterday she gave me a pep talk about how well I was doing.  "I only have two sessions left" I whined, "and I can't even get up from a prone position on the floor". Then she informed me that even though I had only scheduled two more, I would need another 12-16 appointments.  "Don't worry, though, your insurance covers it." My chin, already scraping my knees, fell even further. I guess I imagined I would be bouncing around and full of life by Christmas, ready to set the Oakmont community on its toes. Hah!  I'd already given myself to the middle of January to unpack boxes and replace the mold damaged furniture and get on with life.  I wonder how long it will be before I have roots here? I was feeling depressed and discouraged. Worse, last night was one of those nights Kodi choose to howl from midnight on.  Picture me walking him on leash at 1 a.m. in my small back yard, cane in one hand, phone in my robe pocket in case I fall, making husky cooing sounds.  Its a pretty funny scene, really, and I must add the stars up here are twice as brilliant as in my old city haunts. The big dipper was spilling right into my yard.
So I got up with sunshine and renewed commitment this morning.  That is until I tried to toast my English muffin.  Then it was hard to hold back the tears. Suddenly the used white Phillips toaster my friend Nancy bought for me at a garage sale for $5 would not hold down.  I tried every  invention possible.  I even tried the broiler on this fancy oven here which I do not yet understand.  Nothing worked.  Desperate, I tried holding down the toaster lever with my two thumbs but they soon got cramped and exhausted. Nothing tastes worse than half toasted English muffin, but I choked it down.  Then I remembered there was a garage sale today a few blocks from here. I jumped in the car and located it.  Since this is a retirement community and folks are always dying, estate sales are a weekly social event. I sometimes attend but always with mixed feelings.
(One can't help but picture their own demise and sale of their treasures.)
Yes, they had a toaster, a Hamilton Beach that worked, and now I am a happy camper again.  A stuffed toy from the Lion King is adding his two bits.

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