Thursday, September 13, 2012


Heading North this morning for another four days of camping out at my new home in Santa Rosa while the realtors down here do their stuff matching Cathy Lane with some new client who will love it as I do. The fog over the bay is just thick enough that the tops of the San Mateo hills emerge and pale pink streaks soft as satin are beginning to swipe the fog. Looking out the study window I see Kodi has just stretched from his current favorite sleeping spot on top of the red bricks in the rose garden covering the septic tank.  The best house tour on line is at for it contains some photos I have taken over the years of the magical sunsets here as well as the fog on Skyline.
When I say camping out it is because all I have in Santa Rosa is a blow up air mattress,
one chair, a few dishes, a dog bed and the four footer who sometimes occupies it.  Tomorrow morning at 8 he will experience his first hike with his new dog walker, Juan, and three other big dogs in Arundel State Park. I hope he passes the test of good behavior.
So far the neighbors, nursery and store owners in Santa Rosa have been patient with this Alameda County transplant to Sonoma County who knows not yet where anything is, or what she is doing, or what plants will or wont grow up there. I find the soil in my new back yard hard as a rock; amendments are in order soon.  Oh, I need to put garden pick on my list of what to pack today! The photo above is my new back deck.  Soon I hope it will be filled with Bonnie plants and trivia. Wish me happy digging.

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