Friday, September 28, 2012

In Contract

This week on Mars the Rover is finding more documented evidence that there was once water on the red planet.  As of yesterday here on the home front  I am officially in contract on the sale of Cathy Lane. I'm wondering what historic clues the various inspectors will find as they peruse the cracks and crannies, for this land was certainly once redwood forests inhabited by Ohlone Indians, I believe, as well as early Spanish settlers and loggers. The most native treasures I've found here in 51 years are some very old deer antlers however much of the land is unexplored. But its fun to spin the clock forward and imagine what will be found in another 50 years. Lee and I were always rock hounds hauling home specimens from all over the west to build rockeries and line paths and personal memory banks. The yard is full of rocks out of place, that's for sure, confusing future generations of geologists. As I look around  I contemplate which ones will be moved with me? The back of Lee's old pickup is already full of little rock treasures awaiting their new nesting places in my Sonoma County yard. Others are being perused for consideration, like the big crystal hunk we hauled from the rattlesnake infested lavender pit in Bisbee, Arizona, the geodes from Grizzly Peak in Berkeley, and the conglomerates from Dr. Jane's cabin on Mayacama Creek near Calistoga where we spent so many happy hours. Even little agates from Mexico and Alaska shine up from the gravel paths.  I hope future generations of rock hounds will find them and take the same delight as I have.

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