Friday, May 18, 2012

It Could Be Worse...

My friends from Minnesota taught me the adage in the title above when we were last painting in France. I keep trying to apply it to my life, seldom remembering it soon enough to smile away problems when they first occur.
Since I have a lifelong issue with trusting myself to make right decisions, I took pal Andrea with me to pick out new glasses frames. My prescriptions are always expensive, but eyes are everything, right? We settled on a plum color, intended to give my old face new zip.  After plunking down $750 (wincing vigorously) I looked forward to the new glow. Hah! I started wearing them Tuesday noon and by last night both eyes were almost swollen shut and burning. I have a hunch I am allergic to the plum colored dye in the frames.  On the other hand, it could be just my regular allergies taking on a new venue. Time will tell.
Meanwhile, several old friends met for lunch yesterday because the eldest of us, Clem, 90, is moving permanently to Arizona. We posed on the porch of the restaurant. l-r Clem, Bertie, Jeanne, and I. Egads, I have known each of them at least 55 years.  I think we look pretty jazzy for old bags, or do my blurry eyes deceive me? I waved goodbye to Clem as she drove away in her new Prius aptly hand decorated with  turquoise and maroon swirly stripes painted on the side.

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