Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hanging A Success!

On the left, Sandy and I beaming. And why not? The opening was a joyful display of food and talent.
Last night the ten of us artists in Watercolor Connection pulled out all the stops a for a gala reception for our show: A Moment In Time. The gallery adjoining the Hayward City Hall is a terrific venue anyway and last night it was made more stunning with a lighted and decorated Douglas Fir. Just behind the tree two musicians (keyboard and guitar) provided the perfect background as a couple of hundred guests gathered to ooh and aah.
Luckily our group includes cooks of various heritages so the food table was overflowing with ethnic finger foods from dolmas to my own persimmon pecan cookies. Volunteers from the Hayward Arts Council poured beverages and served as lovely hostesses. How dedicated they are!
Husbands, friends, grandchildren, other painters and even a few lookers circled around.
One of our teachers, Sandy Delehanty, drove down from Loomis with two surprise guests: Sylvia and Margaret who have been on French Escapade painting trips with me. Jackie, leader of the French Escapade, having hopped off the plane from Paris just the day before, popped in. My friend Pat braved the traffic from the Peninsula to support our efforts. I think what made the show such a success is that each of us expressed our own individuality, whether nature, portraits, fantasy, or humor. How lucky I am to be a part of this group not just for the painting experience but for the care and support we give one another.
The show continues till Feb. 2 if you are in the area. I'm afraid all the lovely food is down the hatch but there is a good taco place across the street and a great Italian restaurant, Buon Appetit, a block and a half away.

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