Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Things Electrical

This was the week that all things electrical tested my emotional stability. I longed for the serenity of Bali and wondered about chucking civilization for a quiet island retreat (complete with maid and food service and twice daily massages of course).

For a while I’ve noticed that two of the four burners on my electric cooktop are kaput and the replacement parts are no longer made so last night I ordered a new one, but in the logic of design the new one is ½ shorter and ½ inch deeper than my counter cutout, so I had to buy a kit to fill in the cracks. Drat. I hope it works.

Chris my usually invisible kitchen contractor appeared late Tuesday afternoon and started the ceiling lighting redo. He left at 9 leaving the fixtures hanging precariously by long cords and promising to be back in the morning. Ha! There they hang tickling my ear lobes with every passage and giving me the shakes.

The same day my living room tv reported “no signal”. Meanwhile some connection has been severed on my IMAC, new in February, so the mouse batteries wear out every few days. Or not? Maybe the machine just thinks they are worn out. Apple sent me a new mouse on warranty but the new mouse seems to have scrambled the cordless keyboard so now it won’t connect. Therefore they are sending a new keyboard as well. I wish someone would send me new body parts on warranty! I could use a new knee as well as a new waist line. So a nice direct tv service man just came and informed me my receiver was completely dead. I don’t know if he was referring to my brain cells or my libido but I can assure you that pretty much nothing works on all cylinders around here. Anyway, the tv now has many new parts and a new dish (again onwarranty) and boxes and cords. It also has an annoying blue light when on. The patient service man informed me that I could even get my horoscope on the menu. So after he left I looked for today for my sign and got this:

A burden is eased and the relief you feel about this will bring a surge of self-control. Does this mean I will stop hitting the ice cream when the next thing crashes? Certainly hope not.


Beth said...

Thanks for the "jolt" of a good chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Isn't technolog wonderful??? Even when it works, it is frustrating.
You may want to take that machine in for a check up. Hang in there!

Pat'nJomama said...

Jeeminee! Ice cream, I know I feel really good while eating it, especially in a "diet" root beer float...too late to worry much about my waistline, and libido? Hah!